Wendy Peters

Wendy Peters

Dr. Peters has been working to help individuals and organizations thrive since 2006. If you are looking for ways to improve yourself and/or your organization, Dr. Peters expert guidance can assist you in reaching your goals. Whether she is working with one person or an entire organization, Dr. Peters utilizes strengths-based approaches as the foundation for sustainable change.

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Wendy Peters, PhD, is Native Hawaiian and works as a Health and Community Psychologist whose concerns are deeply rooted in service to BIPOC cultural and underserved communities. She teaches on the faculty of the Russell Sage Colleges and Antioch University and has authored book chapters including such titles as The embodied library: The culmination of all who came before (IFLA, 2016); Psychological assessment considerations for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians (APA Press, 2015), We are Humans Being: Naming, Identity, and Overcoming the Soul Wound Phenomenon (ABC-CLIO, 2015), Psychological practice with Native women (APA Press, 2014), Native American medicine: The implications of history and the embodiment of culture and Indigenous women and wisdom: An eternal chain of being (ABC-CLIO, 2014), and The Indigenous soul wounding: Understanding culture, memetics, complexity and emergence (Sage, 2012).